Military Awards FAQ

How do I submit my order?

Once you've picked a part out of our gallery, please send an email to sales@steelimagesinc.com including:

  • Any images, logos, or graphics in .ai/.svg/.eps/.pdf formats
  • The part reference number (please see our part flyers below)
  • Any text to include such as names, dates, honors, or messages
  • Your desired delivery or pick-up date

What's the expected turnaround on my order?

We keep a limited quantity of all of our existing military parts on-hand at all times and if you're ordering a part we have in-stock, turnaround is usually 3-7 business days. If we do not have the part or quantities you're requesting in-stock and have to cut more or cut a brand new design, turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

Can I design a NEW part for my group?

If your branch, division, company or group has never had a part made, we would be more than happy to create a custom piece for a one-time design fee of $75.00 per piece. You'll have access to this part, as well as any of our generic cuts, for any future orders.

I've ordered with you before but my item isn't listed; Can I still get it?

Absolutely! If you've had a custom piece made by us in the past or have an item number from a previous order, a part exists and can be remade. Custom pieces that are not listed in our resources will have a 3-4 week minimum turnaround as we will not have those parts on hand and they will have to be cut and processed.

Can I customize an existing part for my group?

If a specific part catches your eye, we can sublimate any custom design to any of the parts that we have in-stock. Send artwork to sales@steelimagesinc.com with the part you'd like us to use and we'll customize it to fit that part to the best of our abilities.

What can't you do?

Fly, Teleport, Read Minds. Everything else is usually within our abilities!